About Us

Aspire Tower Cranes are the only tower crane company situated on the Sunshine Coast in Caloundra. We specialise in a range of electric hammerhead Tower Cranes, 

Potain MC85B which has a maximum lifting capacity of 5 tonnes and a maximum radius of fifty metres

Potain MC125B which has a maximum lifting capacity of 6 tonnes and a maximum radius of sixty metres

Potain MC175B which has a maximum lifting capacity of 8 tonnes and a maximum radius of sixty metres

Due to their small footprints, these models of crane adapt to all types of sites and especially those in urban areas.

Installation of these Potains, its simple erection principle, electrification and rapid connection make it operational in one day. The simplified assembly phases carried out on the ground makes the erection of the MC Crane a quick and safe operation. The crane components are much lighter than alternative brands of cranes which eliminate the need for large expensive mobile cranes to erect and dismantle the MC Crane.

Transporting an MC Crane is very economical, due to the small light weight components to be transported.

Site costs are optimised by its quick implementation and performance level. In addition to this, the MC Crane is equipped with precise efficient mechanisms offering low power consumptions.

Aspire Tower Cranes implements a quality management system which ensures a consistent professional level of service across all aspects of their business. All Aspire staff are experienced and certified for each discipline of work they perform.

Aspire has an excellent safety record with 17500 hours without incident. They have strict safety standards of which all staff rigidly adhere too. All Aspire tower cranes are maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Aspire Tower Cranes has a solid reputation for the quality of equipment and service that it provides to all of its clients throughout the Queensland state.

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